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Predominant Pitbulls would like to welcome XB Lor's Supreme to our family!!! This boy is a
Freak; he has quality after quality, rear, head, xtreme neck, chest, wide muzzle... If anyone's
looking to add some of these freaky qualities to their breeding program, Supreme is definitely
the one to get them from. His productions already speak for themselves. Not to mention he has
one of the best temperments from any dog we've ever seen. We would like to give a big thank
you to Eddie at Xtreme bully Pitbulls for giving us the opportunity to bring this boy home to our
family. Thanks Eddie!!!
Date of birth: 08-07-2009
Registry: UKC
Call name: Supreme
Color: Blue
Weight: 115 pounds
Head Size: 26.5 inches
Height: Growing
Produced By:  
STUD FEE: $5,000.00
Sire: 'PR' Sunline's "Enzo"
Dame: " 'PR' Lor's Low Low"

A 50% deposit of the total cost of the Stud Service is required to gurantee a Stud Service
for 1 years time and the deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the Stud Service. The
deposit is non-refundable but may be transferred to another Stud Service, litter or
sale/purchase. The Stud Service will not be guranteed for 1 years time until the deposit is
from the time the deposit is made to allow PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC. to attempt the
Stud Service from the selected stud to the selected dame. If 1 years time expires after a
Stud Service deposit is made and no Stud Service attempt has been allowed to
PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC. then the buyer/purchaser may lose their Stud Service if the
Stud Service for the selected stud is then closed to the public. The total remaining cost for
the Stud Service is due to PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC in full prior to attempting the Stud
Service on the selected dame. PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC. will attempt Stud Service by
having the selected dame brought or shipped to its' facility at the cost of the
buyer/purchaser or will attempt Stud Service by shipping the semen of the selected stud to
the buyer/purchaser at their cost. If the selected dame does not conceive puppies,
PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC. will continue to attempt Stud Service until the selected
dame is confirmed pregnant or the stud cost may be transferred to another stud, litter, or
sale/purchase. PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC. will fill in and sign a UKC Litter Registration
Form with the proper stud information, the accurate number of puppies birthed, and
estimated breeding date when the accurate number of birthed puppies is confirmed by the
buyer/purchaser to PREDOMINANT PITBULLS, INC.
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