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Here is Mike, Owner and Founder of Predominant Pitbulls, at the Xtreme Bully Pitbulls yard.
The yard was nice, they had a clean facility, good business, great hospitality, amazing dogs,
and true XXL Bullies; we were impressed... on the left, new upcoming stud "Shamrock" looking
great at 13 months old, 135 lbs. and on the right, "Icon" himself, big as ever. Thanks for the
hospitality Eddie, really good doing business with you. Everyone, look for great things to come
as Predominant Pitbulls is adding some Xtreme Bully Pitbulls blood to our yard!!! Keep posted
on our breedings and males page to see what we have up our sleeve... Always only doing
business with the best of the best.
"Sammy the Bull"
Dog Show in San Bernardino, CA
hanging out with "Sammy the Bull"
himself from harbor area. A beautiful
stud with an awesome look to him, just
look at that very distinct head piece he
has on him... 100% Gottiline at its best...
thanks for the picture Sammy.
Predominant Pitbulls will be more than
happy to add some of "Sammy the Bull's"
blood to our yard, look for things to
come from this addition...
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