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At Predominant Pitbulls we offer the best of the best. With that being said, not only do we
strive for production but also offer our dogs a great quality of life. We dedicate full time to the
cleaning, caring, feeding, and exercise of our dogs. Every member of our kennel is treated as
equal as a family member. All our dogs are happy and healthy. We have searched for the
perfect food, veterinarians, living conditions and things that the dogs simply love doing for
entertainment. Everyone here gets daily walks and attention. Making our dogs happy makes
us happy!
At Predominant Pitbulls we strive for the best. With our breeding program we hope to
accomplish excellence. In order to accomplish near perfection with your dog it is extremely
important to have high quality dog food to back you up. Good dog food supports the quality of
life, looks, and overall good health in your dogs. In our search of the right food for our dogs
we have found that Nature's Select Dog Food has met our standards of perfection. Us as well
as our dogs could not be happier with the product that nature's select provides. We love the
food and most importantly our dogs love it as well...
If you cannot ensure your dogs health to your best extent, then you have no business owning
a dog. Each and every dog in our program is treated like family and we insure that our dogs
are healthy and happy. We strive to keep every member of our family on regular doctor visits.
Finding the right vet can be a time consuming chore but its important to find a vet where you
and your dog are comfortable. Predominant Pitbulls proudly stands behind Waterhouse
Animal Hospital of Fresno, CA. We take our dogs there because they are a vet that cares and
they set their standards as high as ours, and our standards are nothing short of the best...
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